Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kürassier Regiment von Zastrow: Finished!

Here is the completed Kürassier Regiment von Zastrow with my custom flag added. In 1812 the Regiment formed part of Generallieutenant Johann Adolf Freiherr von Thielmann's Brigade, in Général de division Jean-Thomas-Guillaume Lorge 7e division de cuirassiers.

Per Hourtelle, there were 627 effectives in the Regiment at the start of the 1812 Campaign. At the Moscowa, the Regiment fielded about 400 effectives. It is at this reduced strength that the Regiment is depicted here in four squadrons.

The unit was painted by Carl Robson using Eureka 28mm figures.

The von Zastrow's were considered to be one of the finest Heavy Cavalry regiments in Europe. I think Carl has done them justice.

Kommandeur: Oberst Trutzchler


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    1. Thank you Schrumpfkopf. I like your Grossbeeren Blog and your Cossacks are brilliant!

  2. Extremely well done!

  3. Thank you DHC! Congratualtions on your own collection. I really enjoyed your Mockern game and photos. Great set!

  4. Wow! This is a stunning unit! I have 4 of these guys and 4 of the Gard du Korps, and like them very much, but what you have here is truly wonderful.

  5. Thanks Glenn. I'm hoping the Garde du Corps will be joining them in Brigade later this year.