Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friedrichshafen G-III

I just received my first Reviresco 1/144th scale kit: the Friedrichshafen G.III German bomber from WW1. I now have a good collection of Wings of War/Glory 1/144th scale aircraft, including the Gotha referenced in an earlier post. I was looking for another "heavy" bomber. Also after Jeff told me he was familiar with Reviresco, I wanted to examine the kit for myself. This model is interesting in that only the front fuselage and a few parts are cast in metal. The rest of the kit is made of pre-printed card stock with the German-style lozenge camouflage already nicely presented. Nevertheless it looks like a daunting task to assemble correctly and I may be asking Jeff for more than just advise!

This will make an interesting addition to our already exciting WW1 tabletop battles.

The Reviresco web site is well worth a visit. They sell 1/144th scale pilots and observers for their WW1 aircraft which I also ordered and look very good. I see a lot of Wings of Glory fans use these metal castings to re-equip their model aircraft.

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