Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lace Wars

I have just found a new game publisher (well, new to me) Red Sash Games, Ian Weir's company. I have now ordered several games in the Lace Wars series, dealing in detail with the War of Austrian Succession, 1740-48. This is a few years earlier than my main interest, the Seven Years War, 1756-63, but has many of the same attributes in terms of tactics and glorious (but somewhat different) uniforms.

The counter graphics and maps are truly amazing, somewhat similar in the case of the counters to Clash of Arms BAR series. They are simply works of art. By ordering from my good friends, Noble Knight Games, I was able to obtain the campaign module, Kabinettskrieg, which contains updated maps and counters (over 3,000) for 3 of the games in the Lace Wars system, Queen's Gambit, Sport of Kings and Cockpit of Europe. Each game focusses on a different European theatre of war. Kabinettskrieg brings all three together in a huge campaign game.

Here is a sample of the counter artwork. Kabinettskrieg provides counters at the Battalion level for every army engaged in the War, including my personal favourite, the Reichsarmee of the Holy Roman Empire.

While I was busy burning through my fortune, I also ordered the Naval companion to the series, Mistral, a simulation of the War of the Austrian Succession at sea, in this case, the Western Mediterranean theatre. I thought Jeff might like this, what with his new-found interest in Age of Sail wargames. I will also use it as a bribe to get Jeff and Will into the Lace Wars!

Once again, beautiful art work on the counters and maps.

I should mention that I ordered the "Professional" series games. Although more expensive, you get die-cut, mounted counters this way. The alternative of a downloaded set simply requires too much work, mounting and hand-cutting the counters. I did this once before (see my Longest Day Blog entry). I don't have the energy or the time to do it again although it is a perfectly viable way of ordering the game components if you do have the time and patience. I think it is good that Red Sash Games provides both options. However, currently, the Professional series needs to be ordered from their stockist, Noble Knight Games.