Friday, March 27, 2015

The 2nd Dragoons "Scots Greys", 1815

Here are my Scots Greys, the 2nd Dragoons more properly called, in 1815. The figures are by Perry painted for me a few years ago by Carl Robson of Raven Painting. Basing is per General de Brigade rules.

I wanted to see how they would look photographed using my new Sanoto photo box.

I changed the background to blue and have reposted the images. I think they are an improvement.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Old Glory versus Zvezda Armada

I have been taking a look at the Old Glory 1/300 scale resin ships in their Birth of the Broadside Armada Period range. Although I really love the Zvezda 1/350 plastic kits in their Armada Invincible collection, it is at present a small range of just 3 ship models. The Old Glory range is much more extensive with a number of galleons, nao's, carracks, galleys, etc.

I ordered the OG "White Bear" carrack which you see below alongside the Zvezda race-built galleon "Revenge". I have asked Julián if he thinks the OG models can be made to work alongside the Zvezda's. I'd be glad to hear opinions and the experience of any readers.

Monday, March 23, 2015

SANOTO 16"x16" Portable Mini Kit Photo Photography Studio Light Box Softbox MK45

I just purchased a new light box to try to improve the quality of my photographs when taking pictures of miniatures and other small items. The Sanoto Light Box arrived promptly and was quite easy to assemble. Here it is, along with a quick couple of images.

Fire & Maneuver 1863


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Fire & Maneuver: 1940

More images from the battlefield. This time, the 1940 scenario, wherein the Mk VI's and Cruisers of the Bays probe to locate the axis of the German advance.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fire & Maneuver

On March 21, 2015, I had the pleasure of hosting JG Randall, Rod Galati, Frank Patterson and Harmon Ward to a Game Day at my home in Laguna Niguel in our West Wing guest room/game room. JG Randall demonstrated the versatility of his own rule system, Fire & Maneuver, by staging first a Civil War meeting engagement between Brigade-sized opposing forces. 

After a Union victory, the battlescape was transformed in minutes into France 1940 and another meeting engagment was fought between a French Cavalry (armoured) section which had come across a German recce platoon. German armour in the form of a PzKpfw II section reinforced the Axis troops whilst a Troop of the Queen's Bays in A13, A9 and A10 Medium Cruisers rushed to the support of the outnumbered but heroic French tankers in their Somua S35's.

The two games illustrated very well the playability, realism and adaptability of this innovative rule system. Frank Patterson built many of the buildings and other scenic props. 

I provided the ACW forces. The figures came from the collection of British author Martin Robson which I was very fortunate to acquire in 2014. They are Perry miniatures painted by Martin for his own use.

The A13's were customized and painted for me by Duncan Hamilton. The metal castings were   made by Ian Crouch of BEF Miniatures. The rights to these and other of Crouchie's AFV's were acquired in 2011 by Warlord Games and many subsequently re-released in resin. All the other AFV's are the work of Neil Burt of Troop of Shewe. The infantry were painted for me by Carl Robson of Raven Painting. 

I highly recommend Fire & Maneuver if you want a fast, fluid and enjoyable wargame with historical resonance but without becoming rules-bound. 

The Federal troops hold the High Ground

The apple orchard held by Berdan's Sharpshooters

Frank deploys in Line

Note the Union battery silhoueted on the hill

Reb Brigade moving up

Battlefield overview

Union forces close for the kill
Frank considers

Col. Chamberlain omnipresent

Firefight on the fence line

Zouave reinforcements force the flank

Union artillery takes its toll
Confederate riposte on the Union flank
Key to Victory: Berdan's Sharpshooters 

Setting up 1940 scenario

The KOSB's advance

Supported by A13 Cruisers of the Queen's Bays

German Recce unit supported by PzKpfw II's