Thursday, March 19, 2015

São Martinho (1580), finished!

I have just received some images from Julián Fernández de Sevilla Campos of the finished 1/350 scale model of São Martinho (1580) in action, no doubt off Gravelines on July 29, 1588. 

Julián used Langton 1/300 figures for the crew. We looked at various other figures but the Langton's, although created for Napoleonic-era ships, have worked very well for the Elizabethan/Philip II period. 

I present the flagship of the Grande y Felicísima Armada.


  1. Wonderfully painted and presented, Michael. I thought surely a fine painting at first - seeing the small icon.

    1. Thank you Dean. All credit for the perfect execution goes to Julián. This is what I had hoped for when I first came across the Zvezda plastic kits.

  2. Sir
    where are you buy the figures 1 350 ?