Monday, July 14, 2014

1805: HMS Euryalus vs Hortense

What if the screening frigates at Trafalgar had engaged, yard arm to yard arm? Here HMS Euryalus engages Hortense in a fictional engagement.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1:1200 vs 1:1000 Scale Model Ships

I have been comparing Rod Langton's 1:1200 metal ships, here represented by the 36-gun Apollo Class frigate HM Euryalus (1803) and the 1:1000 plastic ships by Ares, shown here by the 32-gun Concorde Class frigate, Hermoine (1779). I think they can be used together or as substitutes.

They will of course need common bases. I intend to make a Sails of Glory base and card for HMS Euryalus.

Friday, July 4, 2014

6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment

This commission features the latest release from Forgotten Glorious: The Iron Brigade. These are 28mm metal figures. They were painted for me by Leuthen Studios. The detail and animation is exceptional. Flags are by GMB.

Colonel Henry A. Morrow, 24th Michigan (left)
Brigadier General Solomon Meredith and Iron Brigade staff (mounted)

Lt. Colonel Rufus R Dawes with Regimental Command, 6th Wisconsin

“there are those damned black-hatted fellows again. ‘Taint no militia.  It’s the Army of the Potomac.” 

6th Wisconsin

6th Wisconsin

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hortense frigate, 40-guns (1803)

Master modeler Julián Fenández de Sevilla of Model J Ship has just finished my latest commission, Hortense (1803). This is the lead ship of the Hortense class of 40-gun French frigates. She was armed with 28 x 18-pounders and 12x 8-pounders. Hortense took part in the battles of Cape Finisterre and Trafalgar.

Once again, I asked Julián to make the scenic base detachable so the ship could be used in games of Sails of Glory if I so chose. His treatment of the ship's boat is quite ingenious.