Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Schlesisches Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 1

Keeping with the Leipzig theme, here are two squadrons of the Schlesisches Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 1. under Oberstleutnant Karl Philipp Traugot von Briesen, (Pour le Mérite). The Regiment served with the 2nd Prussian Corps under Generallieutenant von Kleist in the Reserve Cavalry, Generalmajor von Röder commanding. They were one of three cuirassier regiments in GM Freiherr August-Friedrich-Ludwig von Wrangel's heavy cavalry Brigade. The other regiments in the Brigade were Ostpreußisches Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 2  (Oberstleutnant von Werder) and Brandenburgisches Kürassier-Regiment  Nr.4 (Major von Loebell).

Schlesisches Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 1

I made the standarte following the Bunde plates. It stills needs decorative cords. The unit was painted for me by Carl Robson using Perry Prussian cuirassiers in campaign Litewkas with the officer in a Leibrock. Not so stunning as their dress white Kollets.

Oberstleutnant Karl Philipp Traugot von Briesen and staff

Oberstleutnant Karl Philipp Traugot von Briesen

I highly recommend Peter Bunde's excellent series of uniform plates. I used Nr. 58 for this project.

Many thanks to Jon von Briesen, a relative of Oberstleutnant von Briesen for providing additional research when he saw this article.

Here are a few new pictures taken 5.19.15 in my new light box.

Fontenoy: the Book

I have just read and recommend "Fontenoy: France Dominating Europe" (Men and Battles 4) (Vol 4) [Paperback] by Denis Gandilhon.

This is a very clear and well illustrated account of the Battle of Fontenoy, 11th May 1745. I purchased the book to help me prepare for the Clash of Arms game "Fontenoy". This is one of the best books in the Men and Battles series. The carefully laid trap set by the French Army commander, Prince Maurice de Saxe, his preparation of the killing grounds of the battlefield and the blunders of the not-so-Pragmatic Allies is well told with very helpful 3-D maps.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grenadiere v. IR 35, deutsch

Austrian Reserve Corps, Kommandeur: Erbprinz Friedrich von Hessen-Homburg Division: FML Nikolaus Graf Weißenwolff, 1813

I have imported images from my old Blog of my Austrian Grenadiers from IR 35 B Wenkheim which formed  the combined Grenadierbatallion "Call" (aka "Ruber") along with IR 36 Furstenburg and IR 42 G Erbach. 

This unit fought at Croebern during the Battle of Leipzig, 1813, and was part of the Austrian Reserve Corps of Erbprinz Friedrich von Hessen-Homburg, Division FML Nikolaus Graf Weißenwolff. All three Regiments were raised in Bohemia and the combined Grenadierbatallion totaled 710 men at Croebern.

The plastic figures are from Victrix, painted for me by Leuthen Studios and based per General de Brigade. The yellow and black pattern bags on the grenadiers' fur hats were per the regulations of 1813.

With the Battle of Leipzig 200th Anniversary approaching (October 16-19 1813), I hope to complete the other two Grenadier elements.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Athenian Hoplite Lochos

I have just received images from Toby at Artmaster of my first lochos of Athenian hoplites, based per "Hoplomachia" rules by Perfect Captain

As usual, Toby has done a nice job of assembling the plastic figures from Victrix. I requested they be animated in the underarm thrusting position.

This was a deliberate departure from the usual overarm position favoured by many authors and consequently wargames modelers. This was a deliberate attempt to follow the theories of Christopher Matthew in his book "A Storm of Spears" as discussed earlier in my Blog.

Unfortunately, Victrix has modeled their otherwise very nice Hoplites in the normal front facing stance, rather than the side-on stance postulated by Matthew. Toby has therefore done the best he can to animate the figures per Matthew within this limitation. I'm quite pleased with the result.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shiloh: Fiery Trial

Gwen and Kris recently drove across country from Quantico to Berkeley after Kris graduated from the latest part of his Marine Corps infantry officer training at Quantico. As they passed through Tennessee I suggested they stop at Pittsburg Landing to visit the Shiloh National Military Park. They picked up this excellent DVD for me which recreates the Battle of Shiloh and tells the story of the brutal two-day fight on April 6-7th, 1862. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Imperial Eagles

I couldn't resist posting these pictures I took this morning of an amazing eagle that perched on the fence of our back garden. Maybe its time to get back to Napoleonics. Or is it an omen of something else?

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

I have made my first Kickstarter investment. After enjoying Eric Lee Smith's Battle of the Bulge for iPad, I decided to pledge at the "Lieutenant Colonel" level in the Kickstarter campaign to fund his new iPad game, Gettysburg: the Tide Turns. This pledge will also provide a copy of the board game being produced concurrently by Clash of Arms. 

I took the plunge to see how the whole Kickstarter experience feels. So far, so good. Expected delivery of the iPad game is March 2014. If you are interested in the ACW, you might want to look at the Kickstarter site for this game.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heiliges Römisches Reich deutscher Nation: Landkarte für Kabinettskrieg

I have spent much of today preparing to play my new game of Kabinettskrieg. Fitting the 17 maps of northern and central Europe together was quite a task. After fitting together the jig-saw puzzle I thought I'd make a map key to help assemble the maps more efficiently in future. I decided to superimpose the game maps on a period political map of Europe, thereby showing the states of the Holy Roman Empire at the same time. Of course this 1789 map shows Silesia as Electorate of Brandenburg territory, which it became after it was taken by conquest from the Habsburgs (Austrians) in the Silesian Wars.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


My highly anticipated order from Noble Knight Games arrived yesterday from Janesville, WI. A banner day for a game geek, Red Sash Games' War of the Austrian Succession games Kabinettskrieg and Mistral (with additional bits) plus Clash of Arms' Fontenoy. Excellent service by the way from Noble Knight, highly recommended.

Opening Kabinettskrieg was an Aladdin's Cave moment! One whole, huge box of counters and a second huge box of maps, charts, rules, etc.

The counters alone are shown here laid out in all their glory.

I found some very appropriate quotes on Boardgame Geek to describe this game:

The monster-gamer's mega-monstergame

I consider this to be the "holy grail" of monstergaming. If I can accomplish this before I die, I will have done something momentous!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Gettysburg 150th Anniversary

In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3 1863, some of the the family watched with me the Blu Ray Director's Cut of the epic movie "Gettysburg". This is the way to watch the movie. The 17 minutes of additional footage makes a huge difference to the quality and clarity of the story-telling. 

The additional footage is most helpful in the re-telling of the first day's battle, adding a richness to the story of Buford and Reynold's defense of McPherson Ridge. It also adds depth and historical understanding to the fight for Little Round Top. A marvellous movie in its best possible form. Highly recommended.

Hard to believe that 50 years ago I was first intrigued by the National Geographic Magazine article (Vol 124, No.1 July 1963) that first captured my interest in this most important and interesting battle.

The magazine article featured the most amazing stylized 3D diagrams of the battle. These inspired not only my interest in Gettysburg and ACW history but also my life-long passion for collecting wargames miniatures.

Most importantly, I have a deep respect for the men in Blue and Gray and an abiding sadness for their struggle. Robert F. Maxwell's 1993 movie of Gettysburg captures the poignancy, bravery and drama so well. The 5,000 re-enactors who took part in the movie and the excellent professional cast make this  a must-watch movie for anyone who cares to understand the battle...and its protagonists.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Panzer I

I have just received some new images from Neil Burt at Troop of Shewe of my latest commission. To add to my collection of early WW2 AFV's, I now have these PzKpfw I's, (Panzer I's). The models are newly released Panzer I's from Warlord Games who also made the tank commander. Neil has applied his usual authentic finishes and weathering to create to the models but tells me they required very little additional modification, other than the aerials he will add next.

Of the 2,574 tanks used in the invasion of France in May 1940, an astonishing 523 were these diminutive early Panzer I's.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Not content with adding the massive strategic game Kabinettskrieg to my collection, I also ordered Clash of Arms new tactical game: Fontenoy, named for the 1745 battle of the War of the Austrian Succession. I have long been a collector of Clash of Arms games, with their amazing graphics, maps and research. This looks like the best so far.

Clash of Arms has also announced a BAR (Battles of the Age of Reason) "primer" to help understand and learn the complex rules behind their game system. Well, that went in the shopping cart too. What can you do?