Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grenadiere v. IR 35, deutsch

Austrian Reserve Corps, Kommandeur: Erbprinz Friedrich von Hessen-Homburg Division: FML Nikolaus Graf Weißenwolff, 1813

I have imported images from my old Blog of my Austrian Grenadiers from IR 35 B Wenkheim which formed  the combined Grenadierbatallion "Call" (aka "Ruber") along with IR 36 Furstenburg and IR 42 G Erbach. 

This unit fought at Croebern during the Battle of Leipzig, 1813, and was part of the Austrian Reserve Corps of Erbprinz Friedrich von Hessen-Homburg, Division FML Nikolaus Graf Weißenwolff. All three Regiments were raised in Bohemia and the combined Grenadierbatallion totaled 710 men at Croebern.

The plastic figures are from Victrix, painted for me by Leuthen Studios and based per General de Brigade. The yellow and black pattern bags on the grenadiers' fur hats were per the regulations of 1813.

With the Battle of Leipzig 200th Anniversary approaching (October 16-19 1813), I hope to complete the other two Grenadier elements.


  1. Beautiful Austrians, if you don't mind can you please tell me the colour of the base coat for your lads..I have to paint Austrians as well and have been using a grey.



  2. Vinnie, I will ask Yanni at Leuthen who painted these for me. He calls it "soft white".