Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

I have made my first Kickstarter investment. After enjoying Eric Lee Smith's Battle of the Bulge for iPad, I decided to pledge at the "Lieutenant Colonel" level in the Kickstarter campaign to fund his new iPad game, Gettysburg: the Tide Turns. This pledge will also provide a copy of the board game being produced concurrently by Clash of Arms. 

I took the plunge to see how the whole Kickstarter experience feels. So far, so good. Expected delivery of the iPad game is March 2014. If you are interested in the ACW, you might want to look at the Kickstarter site for this game.


  1. Greetings,
    I came across your post tonight and just wanted to let you know that Gettysburg is coming along great and you will not be disappointed.
    Eric Lee Smith
    CEO, Shenandoah Studio

  2. Eric,
    Thank you for visiting my Blog and for your comments. I'm really looking forward to the release of your new game.