Tuesday, June 30, 2015

HMS Victory: the Master Modeler's Art

Julián Fernández de Sevilla Campos of ModelJShip has just shared with me his conversion of the new HMS Victory by Ares Games. This particular model was not built for me, regrettably, but for Julián's personal collection. However I think the craftsmanship is outstanding and he has given permission for me to feature the finished conversion on my Blog.

First, the out-of -the-box model:

And now, the definitive HMS Victory in 1:1000 scale.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Battle of Morat, 1476

Many years ago, on a business trip to Zurich, I visited the Schweiz Landesmuseum near the Bahnhof. There is a very large model in the museum of the Battle of Morat, often also called Murten, in traditional Zinnfiguren or "flats". The battle was fought on June 22, 1476, between Charles Duke of Burgundy and a Swiss confederate army trying to relieve the Burgundian siege of Murten, 30 km. from Bern. The Swiss army launched a surprise attack which overwhelmed the Burgundian besiegers.

These scans are from postcards purchased by me at the museum.

I have recently been playing a Morat scenario in the STEAM computer game "Pike & Shot" by Slitherine. The game does a good job of showing the siege lines and capturing the feel of a surprise attack. I recommend it highly. 

Prelude to Naseby, 1645

4 June 1645 - After a number of feints towards the north, King Charles and the whole Royalist Army gathers at Newton Harcourt and marches towards Market Harborough. They set up their HQ at Great Glen. Fairfax is given orders to raise the siege of Oxford and march north to join Cromwell and Vermuyden, who were in the Peterborough/Huntingdon area and to "attend the King's motions in such a way as, being at the place, you may judge to be best".