Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell 2014

2014 was a very good year for Horse and Musket.  I posted 59 articles, only half of what I posted in 2013. However it generated 32,539 "hits" during the year which almost equaled all prior years combined (35,067 through Dec 31 2013). Thank you to all my followers and occasional readers. I'm glad you found the blog interesting.

2014 was of course the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War  of 1914-18. I have re posted below a picture of my Grandfather Leslie Claude Snelling as he went to War in 1914 as a Carabinier with the Hampshire Yeomanry. I was gratified to see that my article on the Hampshire's gathered 513 hits for a fourth place in most popular articles in 2014.

More importantly for me, my post enabled me to reconnect with my Welsh cousins and their children. 

A big surprise was the first place that went to the article on my English Civil War Royalist Army with 659 total hits. This was followed by the Napoleonic French 7th Hussars (614) and Saxon von Zastrows (539).

I started the year focussed on Wings of Glory WW1. I discovered the fun of 3D prints and completed a number of Shapeways 1/144 scale models which are fully compatible with the Ares models of Wings of Gory. I had fun painting the planes and learned how to work with decals using Microsol solution. This turned out to be very useful towards the end of the year when I was working with Citadelsix waterslide flag and banner sets for the Wars of the Roses which is my latest interest. Here are a few of my Yorkist magnates and their heraldic banners:

The early part of the year also introduced me to Ares' other fine line of models/game, that is Sails of Glory. I collected all of their available 1:1000 models and then directed my collecting towards Langton metal 1:1200 ships. These Langton models are much more detailed and used by serious collectors. I knew I was not skilled enough to paint and rig these beautiful but small sailing ships. However I met on-line the very skilled master modeler, Julián Fenández de Sevilla, who built a small but growing collection of fully rigged Langton ships for me. We are currently working on a 1588 Armada project in the larger 1:350 scale.

The other big interest/focus in 2014 was the American Civil War. I  now have a very nice collection of Union and Confederate Forces by Martin Robson and Leuthen Studios. 

Finally, my son William purchased a Lancastrian Wars of the Roses force from Martin Robson. This prompted me to start an opposing force of Yorkists with units by Carl Robson and Leuthen Studios. I am also painting several units myself with the help of William and Jeff Lower who has helped immensely with the faces and hands of the 28mm Perry Miniatures figures we are using. As mentioned earlier, I am using Citadelsix flags, banners and badges for all of the retinues.

So all in all, a very good collecting year with many fun Craft Days. William and I were very glad to welcome Jeff Lower back to these painting and gaming sessions after his long illness. Good to have you back Jeff!

Happy New Year to all and a special thanks to all the wonderful artists and modelers who have helped me with my collections in 2014.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Earl of Salisbury Retinue Archers: Wars of the Roses

These retinue archers were painted for me by Leuthen Studios. The Salisbury badge on the archer's livery is by Citadel Six. I have a number of retinues under way to help build my Yorkist Wars of the Roses Army. The artist, Richard, has done a great job with these Perry metal 28mm figures. Perry has a box of plastic archers/billmen. However I think I prefer the sculpting and the poses of this metal set. The livery jackets they are wearing, along with the retinue billmen, are very useful for creating the Riding Retinues of the the various magnates from the white and the red rose.

Richard Neville, the Earl of Salisbury, was of course the father of Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick and known to history as the Kingmaker. Salisbury was a very important early supporter of Richard Duke of York, supplying many retainers to fight at First St Albans. In addition to the badges, Geoff at Citadel Six has created excellent banners and flags for the Earl. Highly recommended.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

1/ Regiment Nassau-Usingen Nr. 2

Here is my 1/Regiment Nassau-Usingen No 2, figures by Perry, painted for me by Carl Robson. A very large battalion with 903 effectives at Quatre Bras, represented here using General de Brigade basing with 36  foot and 2 mounted figures, plus a 6 figure jaeger detachment.

1st Fusilier Company
3rd Fusilier Company

4th Fusilier Company

Majoor J. Friedrich Sattler Kapitein Moritz Büsgen
w/ 2nd Fusilier Company

Grenadier Company

Grenadier Company

Jaeger Company

Major-General August H E von Kruse was painted for me by Leuthen Studios.

Major-General August H E von Kruse

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Armada Sailing from Ferrrol, July 12th, 1588

The second print from a painting by Sir Oswald Walters Brierly is entitled "The Armada Sailing from Ferrrol, July 12th, 1588". This was painted in 1879 and etched by David Law in 1882.

Here is a close up of the galleon which dominates the painting, probably "São Martinho" again.

"The Decisive Action with the Armada off Gravelines 30th July 1588 (Drake in The Revenge attacking Medina Sidonia in the San Martin)"

My family is the proud owner of two David Law engravings of work by the English maritime painter, Sir Oswald Walters Brierly (1817-1894). The first is "The Decisive Action with the Armada off Gravelines 30th July 1588 (Drake in the Revenge attacking Medina Sidonia in the San Martin)".

This was painted in 1881 and etched by David Law in 1882. These are artist remarqueed prints, we think from 1882. We had them restored in 2007, a painstaking process that took 11 months, by conservator, Frances Pritchett, and then reframed behind museum glass.

Here is a close up of the famous dual. The "San Martin" was in fact the Portuguese galleon "São Martinho", impressed into Spanish service when Portugal was invaded and annexed by Spain.

You will read later that I have recently commissioned a 1/350 model of the Revenge and hope to also commission São Martinho.