Sunday, December 7, 2014

1/ Regiment Nassau-Usingen Nr. 2

Here is my 1/Regiment Nassau-Usingen No 2, figures by Perry, painted for me by Carl Robson. A very large battalion with 903 effectives at Quatre Bras, represented here using General de Brigade basing with 36  foot and 2 mounted figures, plus a 6 figure jaeger detachment.

1st Fusilier Company
3rd Fusilier Company

4th Fusilier Company

Majoor J. Friedrich Sattler Kapitein Moritz Büsgen
w/ 2nd Fusilier Company

Grenadier Company

Grenadier Company

Jaeger Company

Major-General August H E von Kruse was painted for me by Leuthen Studios.

Major-General August H E von Kruse


  1. What a beautiful job, love the paint brush, faces are wonderful, and poses very realistic...gorgeous!!

  2. Superbly painted unit; everything is first-class - the Hungarian knots are particularly impressive!

  3. Agreed! Not THIS looks like a unit of soldiers. Love the Nassauers.

    Best Regards,


  4. Carl puts everything into his work and achieves the most detail possible in this scale in everything he does.

  5. Outstanding brushwork! The detailing of the facial features is really first rate.
    Fantastic regiment.