Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How Many Miniatures Can You Get in One Cabinet?

A very rare event in the Davis household: a cabinet empty of miniatures. No, they are not all sold. We just had a Spring Cleaning and polishing of the cabinets. 

This is the contents of just one section of cabinet space. No reason the WW2 German aircraft are flying over Napoleonic cavalry. They just found a suitable shelf to land on!

Meanwhile it's fun to take a closer look at the contents. As you can see, I am somewhat obsessed by cavalry. Here you see the entire Heavy Cavalry Division at Waterloo, one figure representing 20 present at the battle, based for General de Brigade. There are a few extra regiments from different nations of the era, Prussians and a few Austrians

I have a very small collection of 1/72 scale die-cast aircraft by Corgi. They are excellent models, purchased off the shelf in this collector's quality.