Sunday, July 7, 2013


My highly anticipated order from Noble Knight Games arrived yesterday from Janesville, WI. A banner day for a game geek, Red Sash Games' War of the Austrian Succession games Kabinettskrieg and Mistral (with additional bits) plus Clash of Arms' Fontenoy. Excellent service by the way from Noble Knight, highly recommended.

Opening Kabinettskrieg was an Aladdin's Cave moment! One whole, huge box of counters and a second huge box of maps, charts, rules, etc.

The counters alone are shown here laid out in all their glory.

I found some very appropriate quotes on Boardgame Geek to describe this game:

The monster-gamer's mega-monstergame

I consider this to be the "holy grail" of monstergaming. If I can accomplish this before I die, I will have done something momentous!

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