Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Athenian Hoplite Lochos

I have just received images from Toby at Artmaster of my first lochos of Athenian hoplites, based per "Hoplomachia" rules by Perfect Captain

As usual, Toby has done a nice job of assembling the plastic figures from Victrix. I requested they be animated in the underarm thrusting position.

This was a deliberate departure from the usual overarm position favoured by many authors and consequently wargames modelers. This was a deliberate attempt to follow the theories of Christopher Matthew in his book "A Storm of Spears" as discussed earlier in my Blog.

Unfortunately, Victrix has modeled their otherwise very nice Hoplites in the normal front facing stance, rather than the side-on stance postulated by Matthew. Toby has therefore done the best he can to animate the figures per Matthew within this limitation. I'm quite pleased with the result.