Thursday, March 26, 2015

Old Glory versus Zvezda Armada

I have been taking a look at the Old Glory 1/300 scale resin ships in their Birth of the Broadside Armada Period range. Although I really love the Zvezda 1/350 plastic kits in their Armada Invincible collection, it is at present a small range of just 3 ship models. The Old Glory range is much more extensive with a number of galleons, nao's, carracks, galleys, etc.

I ordered the OG "White Bear" carrack which you see below alongside the Zvezda race-built galleon "Revenge". I have asked Julián if he thinks the OG models can be made to work alongside the Zvezda's. I'd be glad to hear opinions and the experience of any readers.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    I respond your questions.
    Regarding the dimensions of the boats Old Glory. Clearly, if they are 1/300 will notice some difference size (Zvezda is 14% smaller than Old Glory). It is also true that Spanish ships were much higher (measure) than the English (actually an English premise of the time was: do not let a Spanish galleon get too close).

    We must assess certain aspects. Old Glory has an interesting variety of boats. These boats can use perfectly with the rules of Zvezda.

    The drawback: as you say, the sails, cannons, masts, ratlines and spar-ship. I do not think that spare pieces of Zvezda fit well. But I have a very good solution.

    For masts I can use thin bamboo rods. They are smooth, wood, long and the diameter is ideal. These masts have to completely customize them with ropes, tops (cofas) and other accessories. The tops (cofas) of Zvezda, I think it can serve.
    If you want, I can make an example of main mast and you judge.

    The sails. We have two possible solutions. Use candles Zvezda or to contact Lagton and seek a combination of sails that we find it satisfactory.

    Lagton sails are somewhat smaller and not whether they will be fine.

    Cannons. No problem Lagton has different measures of cannons.

    Sailors. Langton.

    Ratlines: Langton.

    Spar-ship: or Langton or Zvezda or manually.

    Best regards,