Friday, March 27, 2015

The 2nd Dragoons "Scots Greys", 1815

Here are my Scots Greys, the 2nd Dragoons more properly called, in 1815. The figures are by Perry painted for me a few years ago by Carl Robson of Raven Painting. Basing is per General de Brigade rules.

I wanted to see how they would look photographed using my new Sanoto photo box.

I changed the background to blue and have reposted the images. I think they are an improvement.


  1. Very nicely done although some of the dappling doesn't look quite right.

  2. They look great! You might find, though, that a light blue or light muted green neutral background offsets the painted figures even better than white. A diffused light -- don't aim it directly on the models but bounce the light off the inside top of the light box -- in the foreground will also help brighten your photos a bit more.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks for the advise. I've only just started working with the light box so this is very helpful.

  3. they look excellent to Perry's

  4. They look great - the photography has captured the beautiful brushwork - including the dappled greys!

  5. Wow ... that pretty! is the image of the film Waterloo!

  6. Beautiful work by Carl. Like the light box Michael.