Sunday, December 15, 2013

Austrian Grenadier Cap 1813

In response to a TMP question, I am posting this image by Patrice Courcelle of the Austrian Grenadier's bearskin "bag" colour/pattern per the 1813 Regulations. This was kindly provided by a TMP friend when I was asking the same question.  The reference, and credit, is "Ceux Qui Bravaient l'Aigle"


  1. Lovely depiction of this famous head gear. Austrian Grenadiers have always been a favourite of mine and the image of them attacking the Granary at Aspern Essling is simply superb. Have many in my Austrian formations. Thanks for the post.

  2. The museum in the Essling granary is amazing. The granary itself of course but also the huge diorama. I have some images, not very good due to glass glare and lighting. You have to make special arrangements to see the museum.