Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friedrichshafen G-III: the Model

As indicated in my earlier post, I'm trying my hand at the Reviresco paper/metal model of the Friederichsahfen G-III. Here is a photo of work-in-process:

For me, this is really difficult. I have not made a 1/144 model ever and my last 1/72nd plastic Airfix model was probably 45 years ago.

So what I have learned so far is:

1. Cut with an Exacto Knife, new blade, on a cutting mat against a small steel ruler. Do not try using scissors.
2. The curve of the airfoil wing is very difficult to achieve in this scale. Fortunately the model it is so small that older eyes may not notice.
3. I am using white glue. Let it sit awhile to get a bit tackier before trying to glue the paper parts together.

I have no idea if I will finish this model or abandon the project. I'm looking at this as a learning experience. It was very clever of the makers of Wings of Glory/Wings of War (currently Ares) to make their aircraft in plastic, ready painted and ready to go. If gamers had to make all their airplanes out of kits, I doubt this very successful franchise would ever have launched! As it is, I have a lot of WofW/WofG planes. Now I can add a few specials...maybe.

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