Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saxon Houses 18th-19th Century

These Saxon buildings were purchased a few years ago from the Croebern Diorama on-line shop. Although 1/72nd scale, the same as the Diorama, they work well for my SYW games and Leipzig era Napoleonic games. I'm not sure they are still sold on the Croebern site which has now changed its format.

The buildings were assembled and painted for me by Leuthen Miniatures.

Building One

Building Two

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  1. Handsome homestead. You are smart to use 1/72 scale buildings for 28mm miniature "Big Battles" as the one inch = 72 inches ( or six feet) actual scale equates to approx. 25mm (close enough) and it is better to use smaller structures so as not to crowd an already over-crowded table top.