Sunday, April 19, 2015

Game Day: April 18th, 2015

Here are a few images of a fun ACW meeting engagement waged yesterday between Jeff Lower (Confederate) and myself (Union).

We used for the first time the full collection of Martin Robson figures I acquired last year. The 28mm all-Perry collection looked terrific on the battlefield. We also tried out my new Cigar Box Battle mat "Open Grassland, 6x4". It worked well and took the contours of the hill shapes placed under the mat. It has just enough stretch to avoid rippling or creasing and provided a smooth surface to slide the figure bases with ease.

Here is their link:

Here is the battle as it developed. We randomized the entry of troops and their relative quality. The buildings are by Frank Patterson of Ledarmy who also made the roads.

The rivers are by Joe Linares of Wargamers Terrain. His link:

Reb General, Jeff Lower, takes his own photographs

My Martin Robson armies still need a few things, including cavalry, ammo wagons and limbers. As the game required some limbers to move the artillery, I used an image in Sam Mustafa's "Longstreet" which I rescaled to 28mm. A few of these became the gun team and limber bases for the respective armies!

Gun and limber base

The final result, a marginal Union victory.


  1. Not my period, but it looks and sounds like a fantastic game.

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks Stokes. Yes, it was a very fun game.

  3. Michael - A "marginal" Union victory? That was a very kind way of putting it. It was an utter Union triumph! As a green Confederate commander I made a number of huge mistakes that would have made my troops to foul my canteen to take me out of commission.

    I deployed well enough, but then foolishly charged into melee cautious troops against eager opponents, and initiated firefights against veteran enemy with my recruits. Um... that is completely the wrong way to do it... and I paid the price with my troops bouncing back, losing stands and failing morale.

    In my defense it was my first time playing the Longstreet ruleset and I wanted to try out a lot of different things. General Davis should be wary; next time I won't be as foolish!

  4. Wow, great job with the temporary limbers! For printed-on-paper stand-ins they don't look bad at all.