Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1st/2nd Life Guards, 1815

Both regiments of Life Guards fought at Waterloo in Major General Lord Edward Somerset's 1st (Household) Cavalry Brigade. 

At Waterloo the 1st Life Guards were commanded by Lt. Colonel Samuel Ferrier. They comprised 255 effectives in 2 squadrons. The 2nd Life Guards were commanded by Lt. Colonel Hon. Edward P Lygon and consisted of 235 effectives, also in 2 squadrons.

The 1/2nd Life Guards are based per General de Brigade rules and were painted for me by Carl Robson using Perry 28mm figures. 

The 1st Life Guards

1st Life Guards

The 2nd Life Guards

2nd Life Guards

The 1st and 2nd Life Guards

The 1st and 2nd Life Guards


  1. LOVE the scarlet coats on these and your other recently showcased cavalry.

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