Thursday, April 23, 2015

3rd Georgia Battalion (Sharpshooters), 1863

I only have one Regiment from Wofford's Brigade of McLaws Division, but it is another elite unit, the 3rd Georgia Battalion (Sharpshooters).

This is also the work of Martin Robson. These are again Perry figures on Litko bases. I like the way Martin "animates" each base with the figures carefully placed and scenic effects added.

In April 1863 Brigadier General William T. Wofford took 50 men out of each of the five regiments in his brigade, except for the 16th Georgia, which provided 100 men, completing the organization by June 9, 1863. Gettysburg was the first action for the new sharpshooter battalion, under the command of Lt. Colonel Nathan L. Hutchins, Jr. The Battalion gave support to Barksdale's Brigade fighting in Trostle's Woods and the Wheatfield.

3rd Georgia Battalion


  1. I have never got the hang of that style of painting but I really like the effect. Brilliant little bases - each on a vignette. Thanks for this post. Bookmarked your blog.