Sunday, June 15, 2014

Royal Galley of John of Austria at Lepanto, 1571

The Royal galley of John of Austria, Real, was built at the Drassanes Reials de Barcelona (the Barcelona Royal Shipyard).  This galley was his flagship at the Battle of Lepanto 1571. There is a magnificent reproduction of this galley at the Barcelona Maritime Museum.


  1. Michael, I am currently working on a series of laser cut wooden galleys for production and these photos are an invaluable resource. Once I get them done, I'd love to send you a few as thanks
    Thomas Foss

  2. Thomas

    I'm very glad these images were helpful. The galley is so long, and the sheds so full of arches, it was vey difficult to photograph but I'm happy the beautiful stern gallery details came out well.

    Good luck with your models and thank you very much for your kind offer. If you would like to reproduce the photos, please go ahead. A reference to my Blog would be appreciated.