Friday, June 27, 2014

HMS Euryalus: finished

HMS Euryalus (1803) has now been completed by Master Modeler Julián Fenández de Sevilla of  Model J Ship. As you see, I requested a detachable base so the frigate may also be used in a modified game of Sails of Glory.

This Apollo-class 36-gun frigate was present at Trafalgar, 1805.

I am happy to recommend the service of Julián and  Model J Ship. Ordering via his excellent web site, communication and speed of completion were all excellent. A very professional operation.

HMS Euryalus was commanded by Captain Henry Blackwood at Trafalgar.


  1. Great looking ship! I'd probably go blind trying to paint something like that. :-)

  2. Just going through your last few post and I must say they were fantastic. I love the tall ships and would love to have a game one day. Thanks for the impressive posts.