Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HMS Euryalus in 1:1200

I have just commissioned "Model J Ship" of Alicante, Spain, to build, paint and rig a Langton Miniatures 1:1200 scale ship miniature of the 36 gun Apollo class frigate HMS Euryalus 1803

My interest in Napoleonic ships, inspired by Ares Games "Sails of Glory, has led me on a quest to acquire some really fine models. I am excited to discover the work of master modeler Julián at Model J Ships. His website is very impressive:

Sample Frigate Action-HMS Phoenix, 36

Julián's Facebook site is also loaded with excellent images of his work, all based on Rod Langton's metal models.

I am hoping to use these 1:1200 models in Sails of Glory games, even though the latter uses a larger scale of 1:1000. I like the Ares out-of-the-box models very much, but my collector's instinct drives me to find the best professional models in the slightly smaller but more typical 1:1200 scale.

After having experimented with these models, I am quite certain they are way beyond my skills.

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