Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Battle of Charasiab, 6th October, 1879, refought 2015

The Battle of Charasiab took place on October 6th, 1879 during the Second Afghan War. British and Indian troops under Sir Frederick Roberts (Bobs) fought Afghan troops under Nek Mohammed Khan in an attempt to slow down the advance of Robert's Kabul Field Force from advancing on Kabul.

On June 13, 2015, my friend Ethan (Mad Guru) Reiff invited my son William and I to playtest this battle at his home. Ethan built the amazing battlefield in preparation for the annual Sword and the Flame convention in New Orleans. Ethan subsequently packed up the battle, took it to the convention and won First Place.

I was happy to lend Ethan some of my own Colonial Forces both at the playtest and for the Convention itself.

As you will see, Ethan's battlefield sets are beautiful and it was a pleasure to play on such an amazing "set". Ethan is an expert at mountain terrain and water features, both of which feature large in the Charasiab battlefield. He has also commissioned some amazing Afghan buildings which can be seen in the villages.


  1. I take it that you made it to the famous Mad Guru's place?

    What an absolutely beautiful looking game! I would have given my back teeth to be able to play!

    In my humble opinion, this game should travel to Salute 2015 or 2016!! :>)


  2. Yes, the Guru shrine was a real treat. Ethan has some amazing stuff and a great room for gaming. I agree his set is very Salute-worthy.

  3. Amazing layout Yank, I will use this as inspiration, well done mate!!

  4. My Lord. Full credit should go to my friend Mad Guru whose game and layout this is. He is a Hollywood producer so his "sets" are works of art. My humble contribution was some British and Indian regiments.