Sunday, December 27, 2015

Newark: Royalist Stronghold of the English Civil War

During my summer travels in England, I was able to visit the city of Newark-on-Trent, This was a very important Royalist stronghold and the subject of several sieges.  The city itself is very interesting with a magnificent and unusually large town square. Outside the city walls is the best preserved example of a Civil War earthwork: the Queen's Sconce. Here are some pictures of this beautiful and historical city.

I started my visit at the newly opened National Civil War Centre in the Newark Museum. This is a small but interesting museum in an early stage of its development but well worth the visit.

 I then wandered through the historical streets of Newark, heading for the Queen's Sconce.

I finally arrived at the park containing the Sconce after a several mile walk.

 I continued my walk towards the River Trent via the River Devon.

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  1. Funnily enough, and arguably just my luck I was standing staring at the building one evening after Partizan wishing that I was able to visit! It was shut due to it being a Sunday evening :>(

    It was hard enough trying to find anywhere open to buy some food! I ended up eating some dodgy chips from a Kebab shop......