Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sächsische Garde du Corps, 1812

I have just received my finished commission of the Saxon Garde du Corps. They were brigaded with the Kurassier Regiment von Zastrow, GM von Thielemann's Brigade, GdD Lorge's 7th Heavy Cavalry Division during the War of 1812. The Brigade fought at the Battle of Borodino with great distinction. 

Per Hourtelle, there were 642 effectives in the Regiment at the start of the 1812 Campaign. At the Moscowa, the Regiment fielded about 450 effectives. It is at this reduced strength that the Regiment is depicted here in four squadrons.

The unit is modeled here at General de Brigade 1/20th scale strength. It was painted for me by Carl Robson. The figures are by Eureka in 28mm scale, high quality metal and some of the best figures made by this excellent company.  The Standarte was made by myself based upon research by Peter Bunde's whose excellent print for this regiment also provided all of the uniform details.


  1. I found this post while searching for ideas on painting my own Eureka figures. Wow! You've done this regiment proud!

  2. Great painting job Chapeau... I am painting the same unit (not at your skill), could you please be so kind to advise where did you purchase the flags ??

  3. I made the flags myself, using the illustrations from Peter Bunde's excellent plates for inspiration. They are Photoshopped prints at a very high resolution, not hand painted of course. However GMB has some excellent flags for these 2 regiments.