Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Battle of Bosworth Field, 22nd August 1485,

Many years ago when visiting Bosworth Field, maybe mid 1980's, I purchased a print of the heraldry of the participants. It looks like it may have been copied from a water colour original by the artist Peter Russell, dated 1981. It may have been commissioned in anticipation of the 500th anniversary of the battle, and just as the battlefield restoration was in full swing with the new museum and visitor's center and flags on the battlefield.

Anyway, the Perry's new Wars of the Roses 28mm figures in plastic and metal have me thinking a lot about heraldry and badges of the principal participants. The print is somewhat fanciful with a mix of gothic armour and armour for the joust. However I thought this might be useful for modelers wishing to paint the tabards and coats of their figures in heraldry. The new Foot Knights set in particular allow this with several new models.

Anyway, with thanks to Peter Russell for this poster which I have kept on various walls for over 40 years, here are some photos of his work.


  1. Hi Michael, I have exactly the same print and the vibrancy of the colours is quite spectacular. Lovely post.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous illustration! Thanks very much for posting it! Fills me with nostalgia for the days when I used to play Medievals myself.

  3. Thanks for posting, this may come in handy. Do you know if they still sell the poster.

  4. I may take apart and get a good digital image of the whole canvas

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Interested fraternity:
    I have mysteriously found that I am the current owner of a well framed copy of this poster. As my own interests are in Maritime History, I have placed this picture for auction on eBay wef 16 Jan 16. It is a beautiful picture and I trust it finds a worthy home.

  6. Barry good luck with your sale. I have mine framed and hanging above my wargames bench as a constant inspiration. Do you recall where you bought yours?

    1. If you were to get a good digital capture of the entire image, I'm probably not the only one who would be most grateful! I would even compensate you reasonably for your trouble.

  7. Tyler, I replied by email. I love this print. It sits above my painting desk,