Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saxon Kürassier Regiment von Zastrow 1812, revisited

Here once again is the Kürassier Regiment von Zastrow with some new images I took whilst photographing the Garde du Corps.

To recap, in 1812 the Regiment formed part of Generallieutenant Johann Adolf Freiherr von Thielmann's Brigade, in Général de division Jean-Thomas-Guillaume Lorge 7e division de cuirassiers.

Per Hourtelle, there were 627 effectives in the Regiment at the start of the 1812 Campaign. At the Moscowa, the Regiment fielded about 400 effectives. It is at this reduced strength that the Regiment is depicted here in four squadrons.

The unit was painted by Carl Robson using Eureka 28mm figures.

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  1. Great looking unit Michael. Is the wounded officer a conversion?