Friday, August 29, 2014

Redoutable 74 (1791)

My latest 1:1200 custom model is the French Téméraire-class 74-gun Redoutable (1791).

Here she is,  like most of my models, "at-quarters", ship's boats towed astern and gun ports open, equipped with the following armament:

Lower gun-deck: 28 x 36 pounder long-guns
Upper gun-deck: 30 x 18-pounder long guns
Forecastle Quarter: 16 x 18-pounder long guns

                                 4 x 36 pounder guns carronades

On October 21st 1805 at Trafalgar,  Redoutable was commanded by capitaine de vaisseau, Jean-Jacques-Etenne Lucas

Under Captain Lucas' inspired and professional leadership, Redoutable fought valiantly losing 522 of a compliment of 643 when she finally struck to HMS Temeraire.

This Langton metal model was built  for me by Model J Ship. and again Julián has done an excellent job.