Saturday, August 2, 2014

HMS Agamemnon (1781) 64-gun in 1:1200 scale

My latest commission from the talented Julián Fenández de Sevilla of "Model J Ship", Nelson's favourite, the 64-gun Ardent Class third-rate, HMS Agamemnon. The model is from Langton Miniatures and is shown "at quarters".

The quality of the model stands for itself. I would just add that the ordering process and efficiency of Julián makes the whole process a pleasure.

Once again, the ship is detachable from its scenic base so that it can be used in games of Sails of Glory. Of course, the larger models, such as this 64, are more noticeably to a different scale than the 1:1000 Ares uses in Sails of Glory. However I am gradually assembling enough of these custom models for a small engagement using SoG rules or Close Action from Clash of Arms games.

I like the idea of interchangeability. They are also such handsome pieces that just displaying them in my display cases is a source of much pleasure.

The photography is also by Julián. Note the roll of the ship which is something not normally seen. Since he makes the bases, such effects can be part of the finished model. This includes the ship's boats which are another option, along with the anchors and flags.

HMS Agamemnon was armed as follows:

Gundeck: 26 x 24-pounders
Upper Gundeck: 26 x 18-pounders
Quarterdeck: 10 x 4 pounders
Forecastle: 2 x 9-pounders


  1. Beautiful! The roll and boats have really made this model.

  2. Thank you. I'm very pleased with the result and with "Model J Ship" who did the work.