Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HMS Surprise (1796) 28-gun Unité -class frigate

My latest 1:1200 custom model is HMS Surprise. Not the frigate of "Master and Commander" fame exactly, but rather the historical 6th rate 28-gun Unité -class frigate of 1796. Here she is "at-quarters", ship's boats towed astern and gun ports open. The French corvette l'Unité was captured in 1796 and taken into Royal Navy service and equipped with the following armament:

Gun-deck: 24 x 32 pounder caronades
Quarter and Fore-deck: 10 x 32 pounder carronades
2x 4-pounder guns as chasers

The model was made for me by Model J Ship. As usual, Julián has done an excellent job.


  1. Thanks Stefan. If Bosworth sells, there will be more additions to the fleet! Julián does an excellent job and is a pleasure to work with.

  2. Hi do you know which model was used for the ship. Was it Langtons 24 or 28 gun frigate?

    1. Hi, I'd use the reference NB29 - 28 gun Frigate (if you want the boat with cannons inside) and the reference NB30 - 28 gun Frigate 'at quarters' (if you want the boat with guns ready to shoot). Photos are reference NB30.I hope information help you.
      Best regards,