Monday, August 12, 2013

2ème Régiment de Cuirassiers

The 2ème Régiment de Cuirassiers derived from the "Cuirassiers de la Reine" of the  ancien régime. Under colonel Baron GRANDJEAN there were just 2 squadrons of  311 effectives at Waterloo, serving in the 12ème Division de Cavalerie - 2ème Brigade.

These are Perry metal figures painted for me by Carl Robson. The unit includes some of the highly animated casualties by Perry. These are again some of the Perrys' best work.

I asked Carl to paint the trumpeter in Imperial Livery as well as in the earlier reverse-colours of the regiment.

2ème Régiment de Cuirassiers


Alternative trumpeter uniform


  1. These look fantastic Michael - very well depicted units from a supberb scuptor and wonderfully painted.