Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Austrians at Leipzig

I rarely buy miniatures that I have not myself commissioned. However I was very fortunate recently to have the opportunity to acquire some excellent Hungarians painted by the talented Andrew Taylor:

I had seen these on Steve Dean and jumped at the opportunity to buy them. The painting and composition is excellent. Andrew has also used deeper Litko bases with rounded edges that allow more room for scenic effects on the bases. 

There are grenadiers from three Hungarian Regiments represented in this combined unit:  IR 2 "Hiller", IR37 "Weidenfeld " and IR 48 "Vukasovich'. At Leipzig, IR's 2 and 48 served in FML Bianchi's Division, GM Haugwitz's Brigade, and IR 37 in FML Weißenwolff's Division, GM von Fürstenwärther's Brigade.

Figures of this quality rarely come on the market so my policy is to try to obtain them when they do. I am trying to build Weißenwolff's Division, hence my earlier posts. However as all of these units fought at Leipzig, I'm fine building Bianchi's as well!

K.K. IR2 Hiller


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I shall be shamelessly using these as inspiration!