Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gotha G. V (Von Korff)

Last month I started collecting Wings of Glory WWI. I have added a few fighter aircraft and I played a trial game with John and Jack last weekend. I just located a hard to find German heavy bomber from the same series, the Gotha G. V. This looks like a really beautiful model.

Von Korff's Gotha G.V

The Rules and Accessory pack adds a lot of nice features to the game and is well worth buying. It doesn't take long playing the basic game to feel the need to graduate to the most advanced rules. This system is very playable.

The earlier incarnation of Wings of Glory, Wings of War WWI also has some nice models which are fully compatible with Wings of Glory. You don't need the earlier rules but a few of the aircraft look good...if you can find them. This is a very collectible series as reflected in the prices. Even the Gotha G. V from the current range was sold for twice the listed price. Scarcity and collectibility matter.

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  1. I'm glad to own a load of the earlier wings of war planes and the 1st rule set I believe? Get little game, great fun!