Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Longest Day

I recently came across some information on one of my favourite games from 1980: Avalon Hill's "The Longest Day". This is a huge game, even by the standards of the time, with 1,500 counters and 7 mounted map boards of the whole D-Day theatre.

I played this a couple of times with my old gaming friend, USMC Gunnery Sergeant Columbus O. "Sonny" Williams.

I just found a source for some replacement counters. In place of the monotone originals with "German" style graphics, the counters use lots of colour to distinguish Divisions and add more contemporary graphics for the AFV's. If I ever play this again, the new counters will make unit organization and cohesion much easier.

Here is the download link:

J. M. Constancias is listed as the contact person for this organization. Should J.M. ever read this, a very big Thank You is in order for refreshing this venerable game.

Here is a small sample of the excellent counters art:

A full size laminated map is available from AH General, together with a DVD containing many articles from "the General" magazine, plus rules, charts, etc. Here is the link:

If you decide to produce counters for yourself, this site has some excellent hints on how to do it:

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