Sunday, December 30, 2012

Royal Artillery, Second Afghan War

Royal Artillery 6-horse team

I needed to give my British troops some more fire-power. I have used the Foundry colonial artillery limber and crew and Empress Miniature's excellent 7lb and 9lb guns and gunners from their Zulu War range.

This set must surely have been inspired by Richard Caton Woodville's famous painting, "Saving the Guns at the Battle of Maiwand".

Gunners riding limber

Gunners aiming 9lb Field Gun

Gunners aiming 9lb Field Gun

7lb field Gun

The officer is from Perry Miniatures Sudan War range.

Mounted officer, Royal Artillery


  1. Nicely done. Just been getting into Colonial stuff myself. Inspiring work.

  2. Thanks again Joseph. I started my Colonial collection in 2012 and i'm enjoying it very much.

  3. Fabulous! A really nice work, with great basing!

  4. Phil

    Thanks for the remarks. I've relabeled the gunners as "Royal Artillery" since it was pointed out to me that RHA should have red shoulder tabs and blue puttees. However the figures are correct for RA and will be so labelled until I can retrofit.