Saturday, April 9, 2016

ACW Heavy Artillery

I am painting some heavy calibre casemate artillery for my ACW army, for the really heavy guns using TA Miniatures. I have the 8 inch Columbiad and 24 pdr guns. I found these replicas (or maybe originals) on-line. The colour of the carriages seems to be a different shade of green from the usual olive green of the field artillery. Is this a trick of the lighting or a conscious decision to portray maybe a naval artillery colour? The TA miniatures appear in an almost pea green.

My models have been primed and I'm waiting for the paint I decided upon. Frank Patterson recommended Plaid Delta 2095 Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint "English Yew Green"

The following pictures are from TA's on-line catalogue which I will use as a guide to my own guns. I'll post pictures of my guns when they are finished.


  1. Very nice! And, of course, very impressive!

  2. Gentlemen, thank you for your comments. However, I should have made clear that these images are from TA's website. My guns are still WIP. I have added a note to my Blog. They are really nice models, hefty but not gargantuan.

  3. Michael, if by any chance you have difficulty finding a bottle of Delta Ceramcoat "English Yew Green," I happen to have one on hand that I'd be happy to lend you!