Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fire & Maneuver: ACW Union Troops

With the help of Frank Patterson, I have made good progress building a new wargames army. This is an ACW Union "force" using mostly Redoubt Miniatures 28mm metals with a few Perry pieces. Unlike most of my collection that sits in cabinets and seldom sees the miniature battlefield, this new army was made with gaming in mind. 

I have used durable metal bases per Fire & Maneuver basing conventions.  In the past I have always used Litko wooden bases. I did most of the basing and helped paint some of the ordnance and horses. However Frank gets full credit for painting most of the figures and showing me how to paint to a good wargames standard. The flags are by GMB Designs.

We have one more infantry brigade to complete and a few wagons. The Redoubt figures are very nice, loaded with character and fun to paint.


  1. This is a terrific looking force. You've done everything just about possible with this. Think about the cavalry brigade - another regiment would bring this along nicely unless this is just a provost guard - I noticed that there is only one national flag. And you will need dismounted troopers but you are halfway there with your horse holder base.
    When building your next infantry brigade, also consider using Zouaves - they are not that tough to paint and are distinctive.
    So Kudos for a great job thus far.

  2. Jerry, thank you for your comments. The figures to the right of the mounted cavalry are in fact 2 regiments of dismounted cavalry. You are right about the need for a second mounted regiment. I also placed the artillery guidon ahead of the cavalry instead of with the foot artillery unit. I have some more horse holders on order from Perry.