Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Model Tours

One of my new followers recently brought his historical tour operation to my attention. As you will see from my Blog, I really love visiting battlefields and historical sites. Although I have had no personal expereince with this company, I really like what they stand for:

"New Model Tours has been formed with a view to sharing with you a seminal moment in the history of  England, a time when democracy as we know it was formed, and  the idea that the divine right of a Monarch to reign unfettered was challenged and changed"

Since I am also very interested in the English Civil Wars, New Model Tours seems tailor-made for fellow enthusiasts. Please feel free to contact David directly. This is not a paid ad....caveat emptor.

New Model Tours
History made real

Welcome to New Model Tours we specialise in creating personalised tours for people visiting the UK to sites within Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties with links to the English Civil War.
In Northamptonshire most notably Naseby where the decisive battle of the war took place and where the way England was ruled would be changed forever.
Learn how the Parliamentarian and Royalist troops were deployed in this epic battle whose outcome would tip the balance of power towards Parliament and seal the Kings fate.

We can cater for individuals or small parties, arrange transportation to the battle sites, museums, and other places of interest, give informative talks on the war in general and it's main characters.

Use the contact page to let us know about anything you may be interested in and if we can provide something catering to your particular interests we will endeavour to do so.


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