Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Crann Tara Miniatures

I have recently discovered a very nice range of 18th Century metal figures by Crann Tara Miniatures. These are beautifully sculpted in 1/56 scale by Richard Ansell and are compatible with Fife and Drum and Minden Miniatures.

I was sent some very nice sample figures by proprietor Graham Cummings who has been great to work with. The animation is excellent and the poses are a little less formal than the Minden range. Graham is focussing currently on the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and the War of the Austrian Succession.

I highly recommend these figures and hope that Graham will expand his products to include the Seven Years War which is my personal favourite.

British Infantry 'at ready' -Regulation dress 

British Line Charge Bayonet - Regulation  

Irish Piquet/French Infantry marching

Royal Ecossais Advancing and Command

Savoia Infantry Fifer

Savoia Infantry Fifer

Spanish Line Infantry - stood to attention

Spanish Line Infantry - stood to attention


  1. Very nice figures. They do remind me of Minden figures.

  2. Mike,
    Thanks very much for the review, just a couple of amendments if I may, the Jacobite range is indeed sculpted by Richard, the Savoia, Spanish etc is by John Dougan but using the same dollies to ensure consistency.
    In the first two photos these are the Savoia infantry at ready and standing at attention.
    Jus to keep things right :)