Tuesday, July 14, 2015

White Bear (1564)

Julián Fernández de Sevilla Campos of Model J Ship's has completed the next English ship to face the Armada: White Bear. She was built at Woolwich dockyard in 1564 and classified as a first rate galleon of 729 tons BM burthen.

In 1588 the captain of White Bear was Lord Edmund Sheffield, serving with the Western Squadron. White Bear had a crew of 300 mariners, 40 gunners and 150 soldiers. She carried the following armament:

Gun Deck-

     3 British Cannon of 7
   11 British Demi-Cannon
     7 British Culverin
   10 British Demi-Culverin
     9 British Light Guns

The model was built using Zvezda's "San Martin" which Julián converted in a very creative way. The inspiration for this conversion was the beautiful illustration by Joseph Wheatley in "Historic Sail" which I strongly recommend.

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  1. Jaw-dropping. Just beautiful modelling. LOVE the crew.