Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Graham's First Brigade, Birney's First Division, III Corps, 1863

The following figures of Graham's Brigade were also part of Martin Robson's private collection which I was fortunate to acquire in 2014. The 114th, as noted, was added later with figures painted for me by Leuthen Studios. All figures are by Perry.

Brigadier General Charles Kinnaird Graham

57th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The 57th was commanded by Colonel Peter Sides who was wounded on July 2nd. Captain Alanson H. Nelson took over command. The 57th had 207 effectives at Gettysburg, losing 11 killed, 46 wounded and 58 reported as missing.

63rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The 63rd was commanded by Colonel John A. Danks. The Regiment fielded 296 men at Gettysburg. The 63rd was engaged in fighting north of the Peach Orchard on July 2nd. In this fighting, 1 man was killed, 29 men were wounded and 4 men were reported missing. 

68th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment "Scott Legion"

The 68th was commanded by Colonel Andrew H. Tippin. During the fighting, the Colonel took command of the First Brigade, at which time Captain Milton S. Davis took over the regiment. The 68th had 383 effectives at Gettysburg of whom 3 officers and 10 men were killed, 5 officers and 117 men were wounded and 13 men were reported captured or missing.

105th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The 105th was commanded by Colonel Calvin A. Craig. The Colonel was wounded on July 2nd. The 105th fielded 17 officers 257 men at Gettysburg. 2 officers and 18 men were killed or died of wounds, 13 officers and 95 men were wounded and 9 men were reported as missing. Total losses were 132.

114th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment "Collis' Zouaves"

The 114th was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Frederick F. Cavada. The Colonel was captured during the fighting on July 2nd. after which Captain Edward R. Bowen took command. The 114th had 312 effectives at Gettysburg of whom 9 were killed, 86 wounded and 60 reported missing.

This Regiment was painted for me by Leuthen Studios. The figures are Perry 28mm metal Zouaves.