Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fief 1429

For our first Craft Day/Game Day of 2015, Will, Jeff and I played the new game from Academy Games: "Fief 1429". This is a Kickstarter re-launch of the original French language game of Fief. It is an abstract game of late Medieval France. Players take the role of Lords and Ladies in an area of France reminiscent of the Loire valley and play out the temporal and spiritual struggles of the age.

We were able to get into the game without much pre-reading or study of the rules. I acted as Game Master so set up the game and read the rules a couple of times myself. This is a card driven game which does a nice job of recreating the intrigues and drama of the era without reference to actual history.

Jeff won the game by becoming Pope and controlling a Cardinal and a Fief Lord for the 3 points required for victory. He was a definite dark horse, having been almost eliminated in the first few rounds but making a rapid come-back through careful diplomacy and the lucky draw of the d'Arc title. This gave one of his leading ladies special abilities as a combat commander.

Apart from learning that I was not cut out to be Game Master, we experienced an enjoyable few hours with this game. Academy Games did a good job of managing the Kickstarter process and I was happy with the resulting game....and the experience of being an early investor in the project. We did not incorporate the many additional game packs that came with the Kickstarter purchase, such as the Knights Templars, additional combat units and the Crusade variants. These will add additional game enhancements to future Fief games.


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