Friday, April 4, 2014

Saxon Garde Du Corps 1812: Preview

I have just received images of a trial figure for my Saxon Garde Du Corps, to be brigaded with the completed von Zastrow's. These were painted by Carl Robson. I really like the light straw of the trooper's tunic and the detailed monograms and lace. The horse's harness and tack will be black in the finished version. These are Eureka 28mm metal figures, some of the best available.


  1. Wow! Stunning. Looks like a museum piece to me.

  2. Hi Michael, As usual really lovely work. I have these figures myself and they are a wonderful sculpt and slot in so well with Perry Miniatures. Where are you sourcing your Regimental colours as GMB do not produce flags for the Saxon Zastrows and the Garde Du Corps?

  3. Just wonderful. I may get these as well. I already have two other Saxon heavy regiments - may as well get the Zastrow's as well. I'll use these for painting inspiration.