Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frederick's Artillery

My friends and family have often chided me about my obsession with artillery. Well, it is a Napoleon trait.  However, Frederick was rather proud of his artillery train also. Coming from a family of Royal Artillerymen it must be in the DNA.

The painting of all this metal is the work of Leuthen Studios, many originals by Yanni himself. The models are mostly Berliner Zinnfiguren and Dietz models, the best in my opinion, plus the excellent  and highly recommended new 3-pounder M1746 'Beauvrye'-design by Black Hussar.

Other pieces in the park include:

Mittlerer Zwölfpfünder: 12-PDR Holtzmann  M1740 

Preußischer Dreipfünder Bataillonsgeschütz (Diez)

Howitzer, 7 Pound

6-PDR Dieskau M1754

Grenade Wagon

Preußischer Pulverwagen 

Kleist Frei Korps battalion gun

Garrison Artillery with Howitzer

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