Friday, February 21, 2014

Sails of Glory: The Great Arms Race

Ares: Sails of Glory

This is the current state of my "Sails of Glory" collection. That is, before the Wave 2 series becomes available in May!

Some thoughts:

1. This is an excellent game, as much fun as Wings of Glory has proven to be for WW1 and WW2 aerial warfare.

2. The models are robust, pleasant to look at and game, cards, mats and boards are all of good quality.

3. The Anchorage is working hard to release brass ratlines/shrouds to improve the appearance of the models. Order them as soon as they go on preorder.

4. After a very successful Kickstarter launch, the production models quickly sold out and and are very hard to find anywhere. I did not subscribe to Kickstarter, a mistake I don't plan to repeat. I have been lucky to find the Kickstarter special models, notably HMS Bellerophon and Fougueux, on eBay for $75-80 per model (thank you 12-7 games!).

5. Order the complete Wave 2 series from the Anchorage store before you go to bed tonight. These are HOTCAKES!

6. Invest in 2 or 3 playmats. They make the game play so much more enjoyable. Also don't forget to order your additional ship mats since these only come with the Starter Set (unless you wisely ordered from Kickstarter). Keith at Aerodrome/Anchorage is a real hero of the hobby with the best customer service. Order from him without concern.

And keep supporting Wings of Glory. Can't wait to see what Ares does next...

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