Monday, January 20, 2014

More Shapeways 1/144th 3D prints

Here are a few more of my Shapeways 3D prints. I need to become much more proficient at sharp transitional edges but these are just my first attempts. The F.E. 2b model by designer colinwe is very nice. It will look better when it gets its pilot and Lewis gunner/observer.


The F.B.5 model by Kampfflieger is a very delicate piece and I should have ordered it in Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD). It was also very difficult to paint but I wanted to see what I could do with it. It needs a lot of cleaning up still.


The Fokker E.III also needs to be printed in FUD. Its a simple model, by Kampfflieger, very similar to the Wings of Glory model by Ares. The engine detail and cowling is a bit crude in WSF.

Fokker E.III

Having experimented now with a few models, I am most pleased with the Handley Page 0/400. It is of a size that the print does it justice. Any scouts will be ordered in FUD in future. I feel more confident now in taking on the SE5a. Given how rare and expensive these are from Wings of War, this seems like the perfect subject for a squadron. 1-144 Direct makes all the decals you will need. 

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